RECP assessment

GCPC offers RECP assessments to various industrial sectors which is a proactive approach to End-of-Pipe Treatment solutions. It is performed by assessing the processes and facilities of industries in order to identify opportunities for implementation of RECP alternatives. These options are typically aimed at assisting the companies to optimize its current resource utilization in terms of energy, water and materials, followed by minimization of wastes and emissions while ultimately reducing the environmental impacts and enhancing economic competitiveness of the enterprises. A typical RECP assessment would entail the following steps:
  1. Introductory meeting with company management, decision makers to understand the key issues of the company;
  2. Sensitization and awareness training of staff on RECP and the proposed assessment;
  3. Analysis of current activities and practices (quick-scan walk-through) to identify opportunity areas;
  4. Detailed analysis and quantification of Quick-Scan opportunity areas;
  5. Generation and compilation of RECP options and recommendations in a detailed In-Plant Assessment Report (IPA);
  6. Development of a proposed implementation plan
  7. Facilitation and supporting of access to appropriate incentive or funding mechanisms through government incentive schemes etc.; and
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of implementation