Expert Meeting on Tools & Methodologies on Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC) for Implementation in the Private Sector
Event Detail
Contact Details
27-28 April,2016
Contact Name: GCPC
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Institutions Involved
  • Members of RECPnet, UNIDO
  • UNEP
The meeting focused on expert views on implementation of tools and methodologies for Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC)
Description of contents/ agenda
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) organized “Expert Meeting on Tools and Methodologies for Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC) for implementation in the private sector”.
On behalf of RECP-GCPC, Dr. Bharat Jain, Member Secretary, Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC) participated and shared his views on the need and benefits of Sound Management of Chemicals especially to the industries of Gujarat, India which has large chemical sector.
He shared his experience working in the field of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production including the activities and achievements of GCPC at Regional, National and International Level.
Speaking on the occasion he mentioned that applying RECP tools and methodologies will help achieving Sound Management of Chemicals as it reduces its impacts and by reusing chemicals in different industrial processes.
He urged participants that “One should create awareness towards SMOC to create healthy and sustainable future”. Dr. Jain, shared various activities undertaken by RECP-GCPC in the field of Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production including Sound Management of Chemicals and Industrial Symbiosis. The participants appreciated the efforts of Dr. Jain for sharing various practices on RECP including the development of Industrial Symbiosis Network at various industrial estates of Gujarat, India.
The meeting concluded with discussion between members of RECPnet.