Cleaner Production Promotion Programme for Panoli Industrial Estate
Event Detail
Contact Details
9th September, 2015
Panoli Industries Association Hall, Panoli
Gujarat, India
Contact Name: GCPC
Target Group:
More than 30 participants from Industries of Panoli Industrial Estate, Panoli
  • Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre
Institutions Involved
  • Department of Forests and Environment Government of Gujarat
  • Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre
  • Gujarat Pollution Control Board
The overall objective of the programme is to aware industries about the importance of cleaner production and its applications for overall environmental improvement
Description of contents/ agenda
Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre organized a promotion programme on 9th September, 2015 at Panoli Industries Association Hall, Panoli.
The seminar witnessed participation of Mr. A.V. Shah, RO Ankleshwar, GPCB. Mr. B.S. Patel, President, Panoli industries Association, Mr. A.K. Nigam, Vice President, Cheminova India Ltd. Panoli, Dr. Bharat Jain, Member Secretary, Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre, Mr. Punamchandra Rathod, Sr. Project Engineer, GCPC, Mr. Hiren Bhendwal, Sr. Project Engineer, GCPC and that around more than 30 participants from various industries of Panoli Industrial Estate.
The programme started with welcome address from Mr. B.S. Patel, President Panoli, Industries Association welcoming all the participants from Panoli Industrial Estate. He pointed out about the rise in pollution problems day by day from industrial production process and briefed about the importance of cleaner production implementation at industrial level .
Mr. A.V. Shah, R.O., Ankleshwar, GPCB addressed the participants at the programme. He appreciated the presence of the members of the Panoli Industrial Estate. He also briefed the audience on the damage caused by the environmental pollution and the importance of pollution prevention strategy. He mentioned that Cleaner Production is the best way to prevent the pollution. He requested industrialists to come forward to reduce environmental pollution in their units.
Dr. Bharat Jain, Member Secretary, GCPC addressed the participants at the programme. He welcomed the invitees and industries of the programme and stated that it is required to have a preventive strategy in place that all will encompass all clean technologies. He was pleased with the support and response from the participants in the programme. He also mentioned about the end of pipe solutions. He stated that implementation of waste reduction at source is important, even for small scale Industries. He requested the industries to enhance the participation and utilize the Government incentive for installation of cleaner/greener processes.
The session continued with presentation from Mr. Punamchandra Rathod, Sr. Project Engineer, GCPC giving introduction to the concepts of Cleaner Production and Cleaner Technology including activities of GCPC. He described the growth of concept and implementation of cleaner production in Gujarat showing a map.
Mr. A.K. Nigam, Vice President, Cheminova India Ltd., Panoli sharing his experience on implementation of Cleaner Production and its benefits specially on occupational health and safety. Mr. Punamchandra Rathod continued the session briefing the Financial Assistance Schemes for the implementation of cleaner production and environmental protection as per the Gujarat Industrial Policy-2015 by Industrial Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat.
The session concluded with Q & A various questions were asked, pertaining to various technological options available including ongoing issues of industries. The experts elaborated this issues and also gave technical explanations for the given problems. The programme concluded with vote of thanks by the President of Panoli Industries Association to all the participants including team GPCB and GCPC.