1st August 2022
1st August 2022

Implementation Case Study

Ammonical Nitrogen recovery from waste water

Co processing of Pharma Waste in Cement Kiln

Co-processing of Hazardous and Non Hazardous wastes as Alternate Fuel in Cement Kiln.

Creation of Wealth from High TDS Waste Stream through “Waste Recovery Plant”

Increasing Chiller set point, Reduce running Hrs of EO bullet scrubber pump, Provision of VFD in chiller secondary pump at manufacturing process.

Oil replaced with nitrogen in Gas Quenching process.

Partial reduction replaced with Hydrogenation method

Printer Toner Cartridge re-manufacturing ( Recycling)

Process Modification – Recovery of Fibre from Couch Pit and 2nd Stage Centri – Cleaner

Reduction in the “Edge Cutter” Waste by Adjustment of “Deckle Guard”

Removal of fluoride from the wastewater

Replacing DC motors by VFD motors

Tackling The Pollutant At Source, Reliance Industries Ltd – Vadodara

Technological Innovations in the Manufacturing Process of Profenofos Technical.

Use of lightweight refractory material called “Ultralite” as thermal insulation for Rotary Kiln in Ceramic Industry.

Installation of additional Multi Effective Evaporator to recover water and salt

Modernization and Up gradation of Effluent Treatment Plant

Modification in the Filtration Technology

Novel Process for Manufacturing of Magnesium Carbonate

Technological Innovations in the Manufacturing Process of Phorate Technical.

Modification in the Manufacturing Process of Hydroxy Sulfo Propyl Pyridinium Betaine.

Re-use of ETP Sludge & Dry Finish Dust in Manufacturing Process of Electrical Insulators, Water Conservation Measures, Reuse of water from Sewage Treatment Plant, Installation of VFD for Blower Motors and Power Compressors.

Recycling of entire Treated Waste Water with low TDS and low COD through Reverse Osmosis in the Process and Conserve Natural Resource and become Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) unit.

Transfer of Environmental Sound Technology in the South Mediterranean Region—(MED TEST)