14th August 2022
14th August 2022


Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC) is an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre working on Cleaner Production and Technology since year 2003 under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India.

Gujarat has achieved an impressive industrial development since its inception as a state in 1960. The industrial sector at present comprises of huge number of Micro, Small, Medium and Large scale of industries. The strengths of the state lies in its Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as it is also man driven which creates a huge employment opportunities.

The industrialization brought economic prosperity to the state, but also resulted in the deterioration of environment. It was realized that taking reactive steps was not a proper answer to pollution control, but there is a need of ‘Proactive’ step (Cleaner Production) which can prevent the generation of pollutants; rather than treating the generated waste at the End-of-pipe.

The concept of Cleaner Production is very simple-prevention is better than cure, a stitch in time save nine. The concept was developed in 1992 during the preparation of the Rio Summit as a programme of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) to reduce environmental impact of the industry. Cleaner Production can reduce environmental impact of the industry and reduces operating costs, leads to worker’s health and safety. It is the improvement in the operational process to make more efficient use of inputs such as raw materials, water and energy along the company’s value chain. To make industrial growth sustainable it is very important to achieve growth with ecological sustainability; and that’s where cleaner production plays a major role.


Cleaner Production concept is unfamiliar to the industries; so the programme is tailored to spread awareness about the concept; benefits of implementing Cleaner Production and environmental conservation measures in different industrial sectors. To fulfill this objective; Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre regularly organizes cleaner production promotion / awareness programmes for industries, academics and housewives.

The programme is customized to motivate industries towards implementation of cleaner production and other advanced technologies towards pollution prevention rather than continuing the traditional practices such as End-of-Pipe treatment technologies.


The awareness programmes in the industries covers introduction to the cleaner production concept, tools, methodologies, by the experts and showcasing few successful implemented case studies in various industrial sectors including its results achieved by the industries in form of conservation of resources, process improvement, improvement in quality of product etc. The programme focuses on incentives provided by the state government on implementation of cleaner production and clean technologies. The promotion is all about sharing the knowledge and information about cleaner production to the audience.

The awareness programme is stressed towards the ‘need’ for Cleaner Production to tackle industrial pollution.

The perspective of creating awareness changes according to the audience; e.g. in colleges we focus more towards grooming students and creating awareness towards environmental conservation and waste minimization before they enter into the world of challenges.

The programme mainly focuses on sensitizing the new generation towards the ‘need for ecologically sustainable industrial development’.